Fire / EMS Department

Chief Scott Schorsch 


Services in addition to Fire and EMS Response

  1. Maintain fire and EMS equipment

  2. Fire and Life Safety Inspections

  3. Commercial Businesses

  4. Foster and Adoption Home Inspections

  5. Commercial Plan Reviews

  6. Fireworks Displays

  7. Pre-plan and Map long driveways.

  8. Smoke Detector Installations (in conjunction with the State Fire Marshall Office).

  9. First Aid Classes

  10. CPR/AED Training

  11. Baby Sitting Training

  12. Juvenile Fire Setter Awareness Classes

  13. Fire Extinguisher Classes

  14. Fire Safety/Prevention Classes

  15. Make green reflective address signs (at cost).

  16. Coming soon Car Seat Installation. 

We have two fire houses:

  • Hooven, station 95, is located at 311 Ohio Ave. Hooven, Ohio 45033
  • Miamitown, station 105, is located in downtown Miamitown at 6736 St.Rt.128. But all mail goes to the Hooven station.