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Welcome to Whitewater

Five Sisters Consignments!

4153 Hamilton Cleves Rd. Suite C

Cleves, Oh, 45002

Phone: 513-353-5SIS (5747)

The story:

"Five Sisters Consignments was started in October 2017, by the husband and wife team of Bryan and Jeanne Donisi. Their vision is to provide a welcoming store for the consignment of fine women’s fashions, fashion accessories, jewelry, seasonal and household décor, and non-upholstered furniture.

You might be asking yourself, “Who are the five sisters?” Both Bryan and Jeanne’s mothers are from families of five sisters. Taking their cue from this cosmic intersection, the store became to be. Just as a quilt is stitched together by a common thread, each sister has their own unique style and personality that makes the patchwork of the quilt one of a kind, but all pieces come together as one.

At Five Sisters Consignments, you are invited to stop by and enjoy the home-like feel and no-pressure environment. Make yourself at home.

We look forward to seeing you!

-Bryan and Jeanne Donisi"

Whitewater Township

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Senior / Community Center

The Community / Senior Center serves as the home of many Township services and activities. more

Whitewater Township was established in 1803 when the State of Ohio was admitted to the Union as the 17th state.  The Township is located in southwest Ohio, west of Cincinnati in Hamilton County.  

Welcome to

​​Whitewater Township

Hamilton County, Ohio

Posted January 1, 2018


 The Board of Trustees of Whitewater Township will meet in Regular Session for the purpose of:

The annual organization of the Board of Trustees

To Discuss Employee and Employment Issues and Matters.

The meeting will be held at 5:00 PM on Tuesday, January 2, 2018 at the Whitewater Township Administration and Public Works Office at 6101 Dry Fork Rd.

 The regular January meeting of the Trustees will be Monday, January 18, 2017 at 7 pm in the Community Center.

Meeting Agenda
Call to Order
Pledge to the Flag
Roll Call
Discuss Employee and Employment Issues with Legal Counsel.
Public / Board Comments

For More Information Please Contact the Township office at: (513) 367-5522

James L. Brett
Whitewater Township Fiscal Officer
 Posted 12/30/17

Public Works Department

The Public Works Department provides maintenance to all Township owned streets, as well as maintenance of Township buildings, grounds, and parks.  more

Fire Department

Whitewater Township is served by a professional Fire and EMS department, with paramedic service offered through the Western Joint Ambulance District (WestJAD).  more


Township Administration consists of three Trustees, a Fiscal Officer, Administrator, and the Department Heads. more


Open Burning Regulations

and Information 

Now that we are well into the Fall season, it is a good time to review the open burning regulations.  Please check the links below for information.

Residential Open Burning Information

Open Burning Brochure

Open burning Permit Form

​​The next public Trustee Meeting is January 15th at 7:00PM in the Community Center. 


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New information on ball field scheduling! 

Anyone interested in scheduling field space for youth ball leagues please e-mail our Administrator Peggy Westerfeld at p.westerfeld@whitewatertwp.org.