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All townships within the State of Ohio begin with the same basic administrative structure, set by State law,  consisting of three elected Trustees and an elected Fiscal Officer.  These elected officials serve four year terms, which are staggered so that two of the officials are up for election every two years.  Beyond that core organization each township may develop an administrative structure based on their size and needs.

Whitewater Township has the four elected officials, as well as a full time Office Manager and a part time Administrator.  The Township also has three departments including the Fire/EMS Department, Public Works Department, and the Senior/Community Center.  Each of these departments are managed and administered by their respective Department Heads.

​If you have a specific or general request/issue, and are not currently working with the Administrator or a Trustee on the issue; please use the Contact page to send an email. Your request will then be routed to the proper person.


Photo of trustee Guy Schaible.

Guy Schaible


Term:  Jan. 2020 - Present

Photo of trustee Doug King.

Doug King


Term:  Jan. 2014 - Present


Willie Pope


Term:  Jan. 2018 - Present

Photo of fiscal officer Jim Brett.

Jim Brett

Fiscal Officer

Term:  Apr. 2016 - Present

As Trustee:

1990-1993 & 1989-2001


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