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Brief History of Whitewater Township

Whitewater Township was established in 1803 when the State of Ohio was admitted to the Union as the 17th state.  The Township is located in southwest Ohio, west of Cincinnati in Hamilton County.  


Whitewater Township was originally set off to include all of the portion of Hamilton County west of the Great Miami River. It comprised of the large tract now occupied by Whitewater, Crosby and Harrison Townships. In 1804 the area was subdivided and Crosby Township was formed. In 1853 Harrison Township was formed from Whitewater Township and a portion of Crosby Township.


There are no municipalities located in Whitewater Township, although four unincorporated places are recognized in the township: Elizabethtown in the southwest, Hooven in the southeast, Blue Jay in the north, and Miamitown in the east.

of Whitewater Township

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Founded March of 2008. Our mission is to help preserve and protect the Whitewater River for the benefit of wildlife, residents, recreation and public interest. We wish to preserve the Whitewater's cleanliness and history for generations to come. We do not have a 501c3 status, nor are we attempting to get one. We are not the type of group that has regular meetings, minutes, board members or such 'structure'. We simply care about the welfare of the Whitewater River and her history along with the promotion of "Maddie's Message".

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