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Notice of Open Positions with Regional Water & Sewer District Board

Attention Whitewater Township Residents


Whitewater Township Regional Water and Sewer District Board

The Whitewater Township Regional Sewer and Water District (WTRSWD) currently has two (2) open Board member positions. WTRSWD is the local agency that determines, plans, and initiates local sewer and water projects for in Whitewater Township. The WTRSWD meets a minimum of once a month at the Township Community Center (additional meetings may be scheduled for specific issues). WTRSWD Board members receive compensation for their service.

WTRSWD Board members are appointed by the Whitewater Township Board of Trustees. Whitewater residents interested in serving as a Board Member are requested to send a letter or email expressing their interest along with their experience and background or a resume to the Whitewater Township Board of Trustees. Letters may be sent to:

Whitewater Township

6101 Dry Fork Rd.

Cleves, OH 45002

Or by email to:

No previous experience is necessary, but residents who are interested in the safety and quality of life offered in Whitewater Township are encouraged to apply.


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